The Town of Pawlet celebrated its 250th anniversary of charter this summer, August 26-28, 2011. We had a wonderful day in both village centers with a quilt show, treasures display, pie sale, ghost walks, parade, barbecue, street dance and glorious fireworks to cap it all off. Thanks everyone for making it such a great day, and let us remember this day of celebration in the wake of the damage from Hurricane Irene that followed on Sunday. In both cases, the Pawlet community spirit came through!

Judy Coolidge & Phyllis Mason, Event Coordinators

This comemmorative quilt was presented on the evening of Saturday, August 27, as part of Pawlet’s 250th Anniversary Celebration. Squares were made by members of the Pawlet Chat ‘n Craft group: Peg Browe, Judy Coolidge, Ruth Friedman, Pat Fry, Charlotte Jordan, Beth Kashner Betty Kelley, Dolores Luebke, Diane Mach, Nancy McKenzie,Nancy Marshall,  Barbara O’Connor, Marsha Graf Russo, Sharon Norton Undal, Paula Vaicunas, Joanne VanMeter, Helen Wood and Jessi Wood. (Photo by Ruth Friedman)

Sweet memories of Pawlet Parade: If you missed the Pawlet Parade on Saturday, August 26, you can view it at by searching for “Pawlet Parade.”

  1. And all of us in town thank you, Judy and Phyllis, for your years of planning, encouragement and organizing to make this happen! It was a great day for Pawlet, one that will always be remembered.

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