Town of Pawlet Emergency Management – The Town of Pawlet, through the Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security,  now has the ability to use the Vermont Alert System to notify the citizens of Pawlet of town wide emergencies. The system has the ability to telephone all residences  within the town (cell phone numbers will added later). The phone alert system is intended to inform the public of major emergency events in town including warnings of major storms, closing of multiple roads,  and evacuations etc. It is not intended for single events like structure fires or motor vehicle accidents.

A test of the system (a prerecorded phone message) will occur sometime over the next week and will be identified as a test. It should also be noted that we intend to test the system at least once/year. This means that all residences  within the town will receive a test call from me sometime over the course of the next week. This call will require no action on your part.

If you have any questions you may call Bob Morlino, Pawlet Emergency Management Director at 325-2116. Bob Morlino, Emergency Management Director