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7 Responses to “Community Forum & Bulletin Board”

  1. ginny daring

    I am so happy we chose to retire to Pawlet. The 250th was a wonderful day and we are so grateful to Judy and Phyllis for planning and executing all the little details that made it so memorable. Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Gibson

    Thanks to everyone who brought their quilts and other display treasures — the upstairs auditorium in the Town Hall was transformed by all the beautiful colors and patters, and every single item had its own unique history. Hope we can do that again sometime before another 50 years go by!

  3. Equis waite

    Enjoyed everything!!! It was great to see the history
    Of pawlet. I loved my sons face when he seen
    That his great grandparents was kids to. He
    Said, that I just thought they were always old!
    Thank you to everyone who worked hard to put this
    Great event together.

  4. Harry Van Meter

    I think it was great the way the rains held out until after the fireworks! A beautiful display marking the end of a perfect day. The Town of Pawlet is certainly a very special place. Congratulations to all and thanks for the memories.

  5. Mark McChesney

    To all of those who worked countless hours on this celebration over the last two years: Thank You! I think it was a wonderful success for Pawlet, and truly showcased what a special town it is. Great job!

  6. Linda Maness

    Wonderful day ! Terrific displays, readings, memories, parade, pie, BBQ, dancing and fireworks. Congratulations to all, esp. Judy and Phyllis and all the Pawlet 250 Committee members and their support crews and volunteers. Fabulous day. For those that Facebook … I have posted albums on my own page (I currently have a Pawlet 250 button as a profile pic, not that there are too many Linda Maness’ on FB). Am working on sharing them with the Pawlet 250 Facebook page.