Pawlet Fire Department Receives Communication Grant

June 12, 2014 — The Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to announce that they are the recipients of a 2014 Vermont Department of Public Safety communications grant. This grant will be used to acquire ten new VHF two-way portable radios for firefighters to use, a total of over $5,000 worth of equipment. The radios work on Pawlet’s own VHF channel, and also on channels that are standardized nationwide to allow one fire department to communicate with another.

“A complex emergency situation like a structure fire requires a lot of coordination, so radios are a key piece of equipment,” explained Dale Decker, Chief of the Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department. “Having a radio also gives firefighters the ability to call for help if they need it,” added Chief Decker. “This adds a margin of safety for our firefighters, which is something we take very seriously.”

Pawlet has been working towards equipping every firefighter with a portable radio for some time now, but budgetary constraints have made this acquisition process slow. “Two-way radios have become a standard part of modern firefighting gear, but the cost of such gear to small communities like ours can be staggering,” explained Jon Weiss, Captain of the Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department. “We have long thought that putting a portable radio into every firefighter’s hands would be ideal, and thanks to this grant, we can now do that.”

The Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department is an all-volunteer emergency response agency tasking with responding to fires, vehicle accidents, rescues, and other hazardous situations in Pawlet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The department also responds to neighboring communities through a system of mutual aid.

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  1. You guys thank you . You have outdone yourself trying to keep us all safe and dry in this flooding. You worked so hard. We owe you so much for saving us from larger damage.
    We are so blessed to live in a community like this with this amazing bunch of firemen and women and volunteers.
    You are amazing!
    Thank you !
    What can we do to help?

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