The Pawlet Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to adopt a revised Town of Pawlet Town Plan on December 28, 2023. The full notice can be found HERE. 

The draft town plan for the public meeting can be viewed by clicking the link HERE.


February 2016: The Pawlet Town Plan was approved by the Select Board on February 2, 2016. To view the plan and maps, click on the link below.  The document will appear on your screen when the download is complete. Pawlet Town Plan Adopted February 2, 2016

October 2013: The GIS (geographic information science) mapping system for Pawlet is now available on line and can be viewed at: Several layers of maps are included that give zoning information, soil information, parcel ID, abutting owner information and more. Thanks to Lister Elaine Decker for making this possible.

Planning Commission Unified Bylaws (effective as of 8/3/21)