The Town of Pawlet, Vermont shall consider all qualified applicants for available positions without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

February 2021: Positions Open

Clerk/Secretary of the Pawlet Planning Commission: The Pawlet Planning Commission seeks to fill the open position of clerk/secretary. The Pawlet Select Board is now accepting Letters of Interest (LOI) from qualified applicants. The position requires experience in Town administrative duties, good clerical skills, excellent talent for note taking and transcribing to create monthly meeting minutes, and the ability to follow up on tasks as directed by the Pawlet Planning Commission. Duties will also include keeping records of PPC activities, communicating via email with Commissioners, and preparing reports to the Pawlet Select Board. Pawlet is predominantly an agriculture community with a population of approximately 1,400, located along the designated Stone Valley Scenic Byway and within the Mettowee River and Flower Brook watersheds, with two Designated Village Centers. The PPC is in the midst of several projects and initiatives, including the update of the Town Plan, the creation of an Enhanced Energy Plan, the creation of an Economic Development Plan and a Community Values Mapping Program (in cooperation with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department).

Please send a hard copy of your LOI and resume by US Postal Service to the Town Clerk, Deb Hawkins, 122 School St., PO Box 128, Pawlet, VT 05761 and follow with an electronic copy to

Town Health Officer: From the Town Health Officer Handbook: “Town health officers (THO) are given authority by Vermont law to investigate and mitigate any potential or existing public health hazard in their town. Each town has a local board of health made up of the town’s Select Board and the THO. The THO investigates all complaints and has extensive authority to take emergency mitigation steps and may enforce any State health regulations and local health ordinances in their town.” Anyone interested can contact the current Town Health Officer Bob Morlino at 802-325-2116 to learn more about what is involved. There is a $500/year stipend for this position.