Lisa Wright, Contract Assessor
Karen Folger, Assistant Assessor

Assessor office hours, Mondays 9 AM to 2 PM and by appointment, Pawlet Town Hall. Contact:;  802-325-3309, ext. 104.  

Recent Activity:

The Certificate for lodging the Grand List states: “We hereby certify that, according to our best knowledge, information and belief, we have hereinbefore set down the names of all persons, co-partnerships, associations and corporations subject to taxation in the Town of Pawlet on the first day of April 2018; the listed valuation of all taxable real and personal estate belonging to each person, co-partnership, associations and corporations hereinbefore named on said last mentioned date, which is subject to taxation herein. We also certify that the foregoing pages have been prepared by us as an abstract of the individual lists of the taxpayers within the Town of Pawlet to be lodged in the office of the Clerk, thereof, agreeably to Title 32, Vermont Statutes Annotated, Section 4111. Given under our hands at Pawlet in the County of Rutland on this 11th day of June, 2018.”

Background: In March 2018, Pawlet voters Voters decided to eliminate the Town Lister position in favor of a professionally-qualified assessor appointed by the Select Board. The Board would like to acknowledge retiring Listers Elaine Decker and Karen Folger and Charles Mason and, on behalf of the Town of Pawlet, express its appreciation for their years of service.

The responsibility of the Assessors’ office is to estimate the fair market value of property. Property owners in Pawlet may grieve their assessment if they think their property is not assessed fairly in comparison to similar properties in Pawlet. Copies of the current 2016 Reappraisal Report are available at the Assessors’ Office. The grievance definition and additional information are available here: Grievance Defined and Grievance Information. That information must be reviewed to determine if a grievance process is to be initiated. The next step is to download the Grievance Appeal Form and submit it to the Assessors’ Office. For more information on this process, see Grievance Application Instructions.

GIS Mapping System Now Available: The GIS (geographic information science) mapping system for Pawlet is now available on line and can be viewed at: Several layers of maps are included that give zoning information, soil information, parcel ID, abutting owner information and more. Property cards may also be viewed.