Pawlet has three listers: Elaine Decker, Chair; Karen Folger, Clerk; and Charles Mason. Meetings, when necessary, are held on the third Wednesday of the month, 9:30 AM, at the Town Hall. Please call to confirm, 802-325-3309, X4.

Lister Responsibilities: 
1. Property valuation
2. Parcel maintenance
-HS-122 (Homestead declaration) verifications
-Record property transfers
-Mail property transfer verifications
-Building permit inspections
3. Parcel map and GIS mapping maintenance
4. Maintain Current Use (Use Value) parcels
5. Work with Zoning Administrator regarding 911 locations
6. Mail “Change of Appraisal” notices
7. Administer the grievance process
8. Mail “Result of Grievance” notifications
9. Prepare and present evidence at BCA appeals hearings
10. Prepare and present evidence to State Hearing Officer at appeals hearings
11. Attend Board of Abatement hearings
12. Certify and Lodge Grand List with Town Clerk and State
13. Attend ongoing education courses for Lister certification
14. Hold office hours for walk-in Lister questions

Grievance Process: The statutory duty of the Listers’ office is to estimate the fair market value of property. Property owners in Pawlet may grieve their assessment if they think their property is not assessed fairly in comparison to similar properties in Pawlet. Copies of the current 2016 Reappraisal Report are available at the Listers’ Office. The grievance definition and additional information are available here: Grievance Defined and Grievance Information. That information must be reviewed to determine if a grievance process is to be initiated. The next step is to download  the Grievance Appeal Form and submit it to the Listers’ Office.

GIS Mapping System Now Available: The GIS (geographic information science) mapping system for Pawlet is now available on line and can be viewed at: Several layers of maps are included that give zoning information, soil information, parcel ID, abutting owner information and more. Thanks to Elaine Decker for making this possible.

Office Hours and Meeting Minutes: The Listers’ office hours are by chance or appointment; call the office to check (325-3309) or email us at with any questions. Minutes from previous meetings are available here:
PawletListerMeetingDraftMinutes 11 15 2017
Grievance Hearings 2017
PawletListerOrganizationalMeetingMinutes 3-14-17 Draft
Grievance Hearings 2016
PawletListerOrganizationalMeetingMinutes 3-7-16
PawletListersGrievance HearingMinutes 5-27-15
PawletListerOrganizationalMeetingMinutes 3-16-15
PawletListerOrganizationalMeetingMinutes 3-5-2014
PawletListerMeetingMinutes 2-19-14 draft
PawletListerMeetingMinutes 10-16-13
PawletListerMeetingMinutes 5-15-2013
PawletListerMeeting Minutes 3-7-2013

Lister Elaine Decker works in the listers' office at the Town Hall.

Lister Elaine Decker works in the Listers’ office at the Town Hall.