Interim Zoning Administrator, Jonas Rosenthal, 802-325-3309, ext. 3. Office hours are every Wednesday from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM.

Zoning Permits: The Town of Pawlet zoning fee schedule, effective as of June 1, 2015, can be viewed here: Zoning Fee Schedule 2015.

Zoning permits should be filled out and returned, with a check payable to “Town of Pawlet,” to Deb Hawkins, Town Clerk. Please be sure to review the checklist for zoning permits here: Checklist for Zoning Permit 2016.

Application forms are available here:

Zoning Permit: Pawlet_Zoning_Permit_2015
Conditional Use Permit: Pawlet_Zoning_Conditional_Use_2015
Variance: Pawlet_Variance_2015

Subdivision: Application for Subdivision Permit 2016
Subdivision Boundary Adjustment/Two Lot Subdivisions: Application for Subdivision Permit Boundary Adj Two Lot 2016 Subdivision Permit Approval 2016
Subdivision Permit Approval: Subdivision Permit Approval 2016