Town news is available in the Pawlet Newsletter and also via Front Porch Forum, a web site that helps neighbors connect and build community by hosting regional networks of online neighborhood/town forums. It began in a Burlington neighborhood in 2006 and now serves the entire state. More than 60,000 households use it to organize a group yard sale, find a lost cell phone, report a bear sighting, find someone to clear the snow, recommend a plumber, and more. Each community has its own distinct forum. The new Pawlet Wells Front Porch Forum is now fully functional. Sign up and share postings with your neighbors:

  1. Lorena (Lori) Slade

    my husband is from vermont and as soon as we sell our and house and land in FL we would like to move to Pawlet. on our vacation we found a place for sale there we liked. We have an 11 yr son (honor roll) who is in band and boy scotts who hopes to make eagle. I also like what i read in your news letter. Lori Slade

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